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Noru Pharma

web design pack + graphic design + Craft CMS

Visual Refresh

It's a delicate matter to tangle with an established brand's visual identity; it needs to stay recognisable, so the changes need to be more subtle and iterative.

The weakest point in the old logo was its typeface and colour. It was improved with the introduction of Titillium Web, a geometric sans-serif that has a modern, technological look without being too artificial; the colours were standardised, and both font and colour choices were carried over to the website design.

We needed imagery to finish the look and since looking at illnesses isn't pleasant, we opted for a more positive outlook. The choice of photography highlights the activities that Noru's medications make more enjoyable again like playing in the park for hayfever sufferers.

Multi-regional Website

The Challenge

Noru Pharma sells its products in countries on multiple continents: Austalia, Asia and Europe. It required a website that will handle regional product availability and multi-language support.

The Solution

Using Craft CMS we've built a managed product catalogue that allows adding, editing and localising products and ranges a breeze. Craft's built-in multi-lingual support came handy too.

For the website to load quickly regardless of the visitor location, Amazon's S3 storage and CloudFront are used to serve all the website's static resources.

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